A breath of air when you need it the most!

The global pandemic unleashed by COVID-19 virus caught the world off guard. The world was left woefully unprepared to handle the number and intensity of cases. The healthcare system was overwhelmed.

The difference between life and death – the game changer – is a ventilator. In the absence of the required number of ventilators, a choice had to be made, as to who gets life and who had to go. Never again should a person be denied of his right to live.

With this vision, we offer a new portable, affordable bedside ventilator solution.

Key Features

  • Versatile – Invasive, Non-invasive and CPAP Features
  • Monitoring – Plateau Pressure, PEEP, Oxygen Concentration, Lung Mechanics
  • Ease of Use – Pressure, Volume Controls and PSV
  • Reliable – continuous working capability of 4 to 5 days
  • Optimized Settings – PEEP flow rate settings
  • Settings – 200-600 L Tidal Volume

Key Benefits

  • Affordable and Portable
  • Small in size – Can be easily placed near a bedside to help patients
  • Offers cloud connectivity to collect and analyze data as necessary