September 2, 2020


Industry 4.0 consisting of communication network with intelligent exchange of information and self-aware systems will push industrial production capacities to new heights. In today’s increasingly competitive world where organisations are constantly thinking of staying ahead in competition, automated vision inspection would drive companies to continuously improve quality, lower costs and increase efficiencies. Vision inspection would be central to the concept of a smart factory and would make a major impact on manufacturing, across industries. Increasing innovations in artificial intelligence, would make machines understand visual content in the same way humans can, and in most cases, would surpass human capabilities and would see objects which were impossible to be seen by the human eye. Smart factories with vision inspection systems would be able to scan object shape, read codes, texts, ensure traceability, and take feature measurement for carrying critical quality control decisions which would be directly communicated to the factory enterprise system. Vision inspection systems would assist manufacturers to achieve major breakthrough in improving quality with a high degree of cost efficiency.

What is Vision Inspection?

Automated vision inspection is a non-contact, reliable, quick method to check products that confirm to specifications set by the manufacturer and industry standards without human intervention for efficiently improving quality and productivity across industries. Simply put vision system is considered as the eye of the machine, which along with AI would enable machines to identify, process or classify images for taking critical, data driven decisions at a previously unimaginable scale, speed, and efficiency.

What comprises of a Vision Inspection System?
  • Camera
  • Vision sensor
  • Frame-grabber
  • Adequate lighting to capture quality images
  • Agile Software for analyzing image
  • Output such as a screen
Benefits of Automated Vision Inspection

Vision technology delivers these key benefits to manufacturers

  • Consistent and improved product quality: Vision inspection system establishes a stringent and reliable inspection process that endorses the quality specifications set by the manufacturer. For large scale production with many variants manual inspection is slow and often prone to errors, vision inspection systems work at high speed to provide accurate feedback and assists in quality control and assurance. Vision inspection system effectively checks for surface defects such as dents, digs, patches, surface abrasions with high accuracy, or can also be used for measuring different parts of the product. Products that do not meet the required specifications would be rejected and not sent for the final assembly, hence leading to improved product quality.
  • Safeguards the reputation of the company and brand image:With the help of vision inspection system, consistent quality products which match the predetermined specifications as set by the manufacturers and industry standards would be sent to the market, consistent product quality would build customer’s trust, ensuring less product recalls and customer complaints.
  • Minimizing error: Manual inspection is prone to errors, when humans perform inspection related tasks repeatedly, they get fatigued and often make errors as compared to automated vision inspection which can inspect a number of features of a product consistently with incredible accuracy in milli seconds.
  • Eliminate Subjectivity: Manual vision inspection is highly subjective and varies from person to person, the variability of decision amongst different operators for the evaluation of the same product differs over time depending on various factors like, monotony, distraction, and fatigue. Variability and subjectivity in decision-making would be eliminated with automated vision inspection.
  • Reduces manufacturing rework costs: Vision inspection system, would identify defective components at the earliest possible stage of production, component parts that confirm to the predetermined specifications would be sent for final assembly, which would assist in preventing material wastage and drastically reducing rework costs.
  • Increased accuracy: Automated vision inspection system along with AI, can reliably and consistently inspect various features of the product far more accurately as compared to manual inspection, the accuracy of the inspection system would improve overtime with machine learning

Vision inspection would be a key technology for the smart factory, with detail specific industry knowledge, we at Griffyn Robotech, have introduced intelligent inspection solution-OPTIVITY®,

which offer high resolution, vision inspection systems to provide complete inspection coverage for large and small components with ease and precision. At Griffyn Robotech, we provide customized, fully automated, high speed vision inspection systems using leading edge technology with robotics, machine vision and AI.

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