It’s 3rd December…

This day in 2008, a new entity was born. On 3rd December 2008 “Xcaliber Infotech” was incorporated.

A persistent team of people lead by Mr. Amit Mahajan embarked on a journey. A journey that would eventually develop great Ideas one of which was an innovation in the field of Mobile Diagnostics, an idea that is known as SmartChk.

Xcaliber started off as a consulting business with just a few enthusiastic people. Over the years we’ve grown. We have on board people who put their faith in us. Today we have a great team… a team that is full of confidence and capable of reaching great heights.

It’s been great Years…

Our journey by far has been an interesting one. We’ve had our bit of ups and downs. We have evolved…and will continue to do so in the future.

The contributions, persistent efforts and hard work bring us where we are today. Make us what we are today.

Our journey has just begun! And as our CEO and Founder Mr. Amit Mahajan always says… “BELIEVE!”